Trinity’s Historic Windows

Stained Glass Windows

Trinity Lutheran Church's Stained Glass windows are 100 years old! These 18 works of art were commissioned from the Kokomo Stain Glass Factory in Indiana, , and installed at Trinity in 1919. They display in picture and print the entire Lord's Prayer.  As you can imagine, after 100 years, the windows are starting to show signs of their age, and are in need of repair and restoration. The members of Trinity Lutheran Church began restoring the windows 24 years ago, when a nationwide search led us to our own "backyard" in Oregon where a reliable, highly acclaimed and knowledgeable stained glass artist has his studio. He has agreed to restore, for a fee, these windows to their former glory! If you are interested in seeing these remarkable windows, Trinity Lutheran has both guided and self-guided tours available by appointment. If you are interested in a tour, please fill out the contact form on our Contact Us page, or you may call the church office at 503-873-2635. We hope to continue to restore all 18 of our windows as funds allow, so we are asking for pledges or donations towards the full and speedy restoration of these magnificent works of art.  That way, our generation and future generations can continue to enjoy these beautiful landmarks in Silverton for another 100 years to come! Donations can be sent to the church, Care of: Sunshine Through The Decades, payable to Trinity Lutheran Church, any denomination will be gratefully accepted.  Specify the donation to go towards the "Windows". Thank you for your interest in these beautiful, one of a kind windows, come and take a tour!!

Stained Glass Windows

Fundraising Drive

We are currently having an ongoing Fund Drive in order to complete some much needed repairs to our beautiful historic church! We have completed some projects: The stairway at the back of the church has been scraped and repainted, the windows around the lower half of the church have been scraped and repainted! We are continuing our drive, and completing the following projects as money allows:

Siding - the church siding is cracked and missing in certain spots. It needs to be replaced and or repaired. The estimated cost to complete the project - $20,000.

Carillon - the Carillon was dedicated to Trinity in 1973, it has been a part of the community for over 30 years, and is currently not working. It needs to be updated, as it plays the bells with an 8-track tape! The estimated cost to repair the Carillon is $6,000 - $8,000.

Windows - Sunshine Through the Decades - our ongoing window campaign that allows us to have 1-2 of our historic stained glass windows repaired and re-leaded at a time - we have completed approximately 11 so far, but still have 6 to go!

For donations,  send a check to Trinity Lutheran Church, 500 N 2nd Street, Silverton, Oregon 97381 - please make sure you specify on your check where you want the funds to be used!  Thank you!!


 Stained Glass Windows