Saturday Meal

In 2013 Trinity Lutheran Church was looking for ways to reach out to our community, and decided to start feeding people a lunch on Saturdays. There were two dinner meals during the week but no lunch meals. We started with a nominal budget and a small group of volunteers.  For the first year, we averaged 40 meals per Saturday. Five years later we are completely self-supported, serving 100+ meals weekly, and have a growing volunteer base from both the church and the community! We have been able to purchase upgraded equipment for our kitchen, and we are about to embark on a full-kitchen remodel in November! We are humbled by the amount of community support we have received, and we are encouraged by the "church" that is happening during the meals! People are connecting with each other, networking, supporting, and loving each other in ways that we never imagined would happen! We are very excited about this community outreach and look forward to many more years of service to come!