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Prayer requests

Please let us know how we can pray for you. If you wish to keep your prayer request private please check the "Keep private" checkbox, otherwise your name and prayer will be posted publicly on this page. (Email addresses are always kept private.)

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Trinity Lutheran Church is a small church in Silverton, Oregon. We currently have approximately 40 people that attend church on a regular basis. We are not a corporation and we do not deal with companies who buy email addresses. Trinity will NEVER sell, give out, post without permission, or compromise anyone's email address. Our site is strictly for information to the public about who we are and what we offer, and our congregational members to use as another avenue of our ministry. If you ever experience a difficulty with our website, or have a comment or suggestion, feel free to fill out the contact form on the contact page and our webmaster will get back to you!

With the outpouring of spam and junk emails these days, Trinity Lutheran Church takes every precaution to ensure that you do not receive unwanted emails. If you find that you are receiving something that you did not request or do not want any longer, please send an email to: and we will promptly remove you from our list.

Privacy Policy
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Privacy: Trinity Lutheran Church adheres to a strict policy of privacy and protection of personal information. If you want to request a prayer, or post something on our blog page, please fill out the form and the webmaster will review it before posting. If there is too much personal information, the webmaster has the right to refuse to post the information, or to contact you and ask you to revise it in order to post the information. Prayer requests are welcomed, but we have to adhere to the privacy of our members and the community, and we ask you to provide only the first name of the person(s)/organization(s) you would like to pray for, and a BRIEF, one word description about what you would like the prayer to be for. Some examples would be illness, if they are sick, or safety, if they are traveling, etc. Too much information will not be posted.

Thank you!!

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