Our History

Trinity Lutheran Church

 June 6, 1892 ~ June 6, 2017! 

The Church Building

Trinity Lutheran Church was founded in 1892 by six Norwegian/Scandinavian settlers. The first church was built by the congregation and set in about the same place as the current church building. The second building was built in 1919, to accommodate a growing church. The entrance to the church was a large set of concrete steps going to the sanctuary on the 2nd Street side of the building. The stained glass windows were commissioned and installed at that time. In the 1950's the congregation added onto the back of the church, adding offices, Sunday school rooms, and a fireplace room for gatherings. The entrance to the church was changed in 1971, when they added a covered walkway, a Narthex, the elevator, and the indoor steps up to the sanctuary. In the 1980's the Sanctuary was re-carpeted. Also in the late 80's, our mortgage was paid off, and we have remained debt free to present. In 2014, the congregation had a fundraising drive to raise money for the window restoration and to do some needed work on the siding and windows of the church. We are still working on the stained glass windows today, having refurbished 13 of the 18 windows! For more information on the windows, or to have a tour of the building, call our office at 503-873-2635 or email: Trinity to schedule a time!

The Parsonage

Trinity's Parsonage was first built with the original church in the late 1800's. The first few pastors lived in it. The second parsonage was built in the 1940's, in the same location as the first. Pastors lived in the parsonage until the late 1970's. In the 1980's the congregation did an extensive remodel to the parsonage. The church has continued to use the parsonage as a rental house and a source of additional income for the church to date.

The Stained Glass Windows

The beautiful stained glass windows were placed in the church in 1919, when the 2nd church building was erected. They were commissioned by the congregation, and built at the Kokomo Stained Glass Factory in Indiana. There are 17 windows in total; 2 in the bell tower, 1 in the balcony of the Sanctuary, 11 single windows and 2 double windows in the Sanctuary, and 2 windows in the Narthex downstairs. All the windows in the Sanctuary say a part of The Lord's Prayer wrapping around the Sanctuary and into the Narthex. In the 1990's, the congregation started a fundraising drive called "Sunshine Through the Decades" to begin the restoration of the windows. Over time, the lead in the windows will 'sag' and the glass becomes vulnerable. Sometimes there is fading in the colors of the glass. The restoration company removes the window, re-leads and colors the windows as necessary, and re-installs the windows. There is a protective plexi-glass covering installed on the outside of the window frame to block some UV rays and protect the window from damage. Each window costs approximately $4,000-$5,000 to refurbish, with a double window costing twice as much. So far we have refurbished 11 of the 17, with 6 windows left to go! If you would like a tour of the windows, or would like information on giving to the Sunshine Through The Decades fund, please call our office at 503-873-2635, or email Trinity