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I just got a new tablet last month. You might have seen me preaching from it. I remember when my parents scrimped and saved every last dime they had to purchase our first computer – and Apple IIE weighing in at 32 pounds. My brother and I starred at that green screen for weeks fascinated by the floppy disk we had to insert into it to play learning games – Tuts Typer or Oregon Train or to do simple word processing.

My Fire weighs about 1 pound and oh the things it can do! Funny things is, I can still hand it to my kids to play learning games on, and I am writing this newsletter article on it for simple word processing! It may be called something different, but it is still a computer, and its historic function is still the same.

It all makes me wonder – what is it about our faith and our walk with Jesus that causes us to dig in and resist constantly updating ourselves? Are we controlled by fear, institutionally safe, thrown off by culture curves, individualistic, and resistant to new ideas?

But Jesus didn’t call us to fear, safety or individualism. Jesus called us to do the work of the church among all people: to be inclusive of all people at the banquet table; to take risks and adjust our modes to solve the issues of the day (like the friends who lowered their paralyzed friend so he could be healed); and to participate in the life of the church together.

So what values do we have in common? During our meet and greets this summer, I have discovered a few things. We have a lot more in common than we do different. We hold dear the sacred value of all life; the value of equity – what people need based on who they are, a deep understanding of justice; developing partnerships within the community to provide entry points for new people. And we deeply love our church. All of us. We each want it to be the best version of itself so that people might grow in their relationship with God and nurture others – especially those who have no relationship with God.

Won’t you join me in this work?

New This Month!




Join us as we gather together on Wednesday Nights from 6:00 PM to 7:30 PM for a simple bread & soup dinner followed by a bible study on the Gospel of Mark! Your kids are welcome to come, we have a nursery off of the Fellowship Hall where they can play after dinner! 





A New Partnership!



Bring the kids and come join us for Messy Church! We will be hosting every  other month beginning this month! If you would like to help us you can join us in September to see what all the excitement is about!






September Family Activities!


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Who is Serving?

Assistant Ministers – Gary & Nancy Ohren

Altar Guild – Jill Lounsbury

Usher – Norman English 

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