Pastor’s Message

Dear Friends,

On Easter Sunday, we had the privilege of welcoming a new child into the family of God through the sacrament of Baptism. It is one of the deepest privileges as a pastor – to be able to hold that sacred space with families – to let them know that they are not alone in raising their child in faith, that their child is part of something greater than any of us can even imagine, and that we, through the grace of our baptism and faith alone in Jesus Christ are connected forever as a family of God. We are called to support one another as we participate in the five gifts of discipleship:

  1. Live among God’s faithful people
  2. Share the word of God and share in the Lord’s Supper
  3. Proclaim the good news of God in Christ through word and deed
  4. Serve all people following the example of Jesus.
  5. Strive for justice and peace in all the earth.

So with little Bryndle May in mind, and all the promises made to her (and all the other children – and future children at Trinity Lutheran Church) You are invited on May 5 during worship (and even into coffee hour!) to help our congregation envision the future – with resurrection hope!

The purpose of our time together will be twofold. The first is that in the fall I led a council retreat that led council members in dreaming and telling our story as a way of developing tools to figure out where we are hoping to lean into the future as a congregation. They wanted everyone to participate in learning how to tell their story, and our story as a congregation! It is one that is full of life, grace, love, and faith – and is worthy of sharing with people in our community!

The second purpose is to assess where we are, where we are going, and what the congregation hopes for our future. About 2 years ago, before I came, the congregation filled out survey forms provided the Synod. Only 10 people filled out the survey, which clearly doesn’t represent our “regular” attenders even to give the council the ability to assess where we are as a congregation. In fact, many of the “hopes” were around finding a pastor. I’m here! 😉 So, when Jill and I went to the Synod meeting in March to review these assessments, we thought it would be beneficial to have a larger sample of people fill out the surveys and to re-assess where we are as a congregation.

By understanding our own story, where we see our lives of faith we can practice listening to each other so that we can ultimately listen to the larger communities needs throughout Silverton.

 It is essential for our leadership (that is anyone who has a vested interest in the future of our congregation) to be present during this process, because not only are you are essential witnesses to the resurrection story but also essential story-tellers of the resurrection story of Trinity Lutheran Church! So please make every effort to be there, to take the survey seriously, fill it out (you can either take it online or you can fill out a paper copy during worship!), come with ideas, and lots of hope for the future!

See you there on May 5!!

 ~ Pastor Laura

Upcoming Events!


Come and share ideas and possibilities! Be a part of the future with Trinity!

Pet Blessing at the Pet Parade!

Pastor Laura will have a booth at the Pet Parade (on Coolidge in front of the detached garage at the UMC parsonage)! Stop by to have your pet blessed before they walk in the parade! Pastor Laura will be there from 8:30 am until the start of the parade!

Summer Supper Church… Coming Thursday, June 6

Every other Thursday at the UMC Parsonage (215 W Main Street, Silverton)

Beginning June 6

Summer Supper Church is a table-based dinner church gathering. It’s a new way of being church in Silverton in the downtown neighborhood. Each time we gather we will prepare a common table with beautiful food, chat, and expect to experience Jesus as we engage with others. As we eat, we will discuss guiding questions for the night. Something magic happens when we eat a meal together and each share our perspectives of faith around a diverse table. We will discover from each other their unique perspectives. We will end the evening by celebrating with a “cake” benediction, in which we raise our dessert and declare a blessing over each other. Keep posted on Facebook and email as we invite you to this unique mid-week summer supper church experience!

Camp Lutherwood Update:

On April 12, a fire destroyed the main lodge at Camp Lutherwood Oregon. Thankfully, no one was in the building at the time of the fire and all guests and staff were safe and without injury. The Lodge building has been declared a total loss, and the cause of the fire is unknown. The Camp’s board of directors is working closely with their insurance company, the authorities, and an emergency relief consultant. They are hopeful to receive temporary facilities so that they can be back on track quickly serving outdoor schools that are currently utilizing the facilities. A generous donor has offered a matching $100,000 gift of any donations received in the next several weeks. Gifts can be made at their website and click the “Donate” or “Give” buttons. Please specify that your donation is for fire recovery in the comments. Thank you for all your prayers and support at this time. If you prefer to help with your hands and feet, you can sign up for two opportunities to help get the camp ready for the summer. With the aftermath of our lodge fire, there is much to do at Camp Lutherwood Oregon to prepare for the summer, and we know that so many people have offered their hands in service to help us get our site back to normal. We have two work days scheduled for this spring, May 4th and 25th: 9 am – 3 pm. You can RSVP by emailing or calling 541-998-6444.

Sign up for Camp!

There are several opportunities for children, families, and adults to expand their faith by going to camp this summer at several different camps that our Partnership ministries support: Camp Lutherwood, just outside of Eugene has family, children, youth, and adult camps available throughout the summer. You can sign up at We do not know as of yet what long-term effect the recent lodge fire will have on programming this summer – but do not let that stop your summer planning! You could also try out a few United Methodist options as well at

In fact, Pastor Laura will be going to Suttle Lake the third week of July (The week of July 15). There are options for Beach camps, family camps, quilt camps, horse camps, and more!

We are hopeful to be able to provide this extraordinarily rich and meaningful experience to as many children, youth, adults, and families of our congregation who would like to go, but we need some help in building up our camp scholarship fund. Camp is extremely expensive, (about $300 per person for just 2 nights – more for longer camps or specialty camps) and we feel that cost should not prohibit a child or youth or family from being able to experience camp! Camp helps shape people’s faith in ways that can’t be counted by cost! Please consider an above and beyond donation to our “Campership Fund.”

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Serving Next Month

Lay Leader – Norman English

Usher – Jill Lounsbury

Altar Guild – Margaret English