Pastor’s Message

Dear Friends,

Each year, many of us find ourselves setting goals or resolutions for the new year. While many of them are worthwhile goals, like living a more healthy lifestyle, making commitments to renew and revive relationships… the list could go on. But I’m wondering, are we thinking too small? Are we living the “just get by” life plan, or is there perhaps a larger God-given dream that could be incorporated into every thing we do?

Often I’ve been asked, “Why does this or that happen?” My snarky gut reaction answer is usually, “I am astounded that anything happens at all.” The last few weeks as I’ve been meditating on Christ’s mysterious birth, I realized that this birth is an invitation into an awareness of the miracles happening all around us. Just as much as Jesus’ birth breaks the laws of reason – there is seemingly no good reason for laughter either; yet periodically it is the only thing that makes the world palatable.

Not only is hope the expectation of possibility, it is an action that always looks to the future. It is quite a waste of time to hope for something which has already occurred. It’s like hoping for ice cream yesterday, but here we are hoping for a Messiah who has already come in the person of Jesus Christ. The root of an Advent hope is the desire that Christ’s birth matters. Will the incarnation finally transform hate into love, war into peace, sadness into joy?

Through the start of Lent, we will be talking about hope-filled, God-sized dreams – both in worship and in our leadership meetings. Beginning with the Wise people who had a dream to follow a star, we will be exploring what it means to discern God’s purpose for your life. Kings and stars, doves and voices, water and wine, transfiguration – all things start with a dream for something different. Everyone – no matter what your age or station in life – has a dream! When we dare to dream, we can discern God’s dreams for our lives, and following those dreams will help us discover our God-purpose.

In this coming year, let us find our God-purpose and say, “YES!” to the hope God has for us and our congregations! My prayer for all of us is that we live out and embody our vision as an individual congregation and as the Silverton Parish of SUMC and TLC by living faithfully, answering God’s call, witnessing boldly, growing in faith, serving joyfully, spreading God’s love, making disciples of Jesus Christ, and transforming the world.

Upcoming Events:

1/4 – Inquiring Class, 4pm at Pastor Laura’s House!

1/7 – Bible Study at SUMC @ 10:30am

1/9 – Bible Study at TLC @ 6:30pm

1/19 – Messy Church @ TLC, 4pm!

1/25 – Family Game Night! 6:30pm @ TLC

1/27 – Annual Meeting after coffee hour

Important Information!

1 – We are in need of some volunteers! We need help during Worship! Are you interested in doing some reading? Are you able to Usher? Please see Loretta if you are interested in/able to help us out!

2 – Our Annual Meeting is coming up at the end of the month! Are you interested in serving on the council or one of our committees? We are looking for new people to serve! Please prayerfully consider a role on the Council, or volunteering on a committee! See Pastor Laura for information on what positions are available! Current council members and committee chairs – Please have all reports in the office by the week of January 14th so Jill has time to assemble the report! Thank you!






January 4, 2019            Marjory Lange, Violin

                                    Music by Händel, Wicks, and Dvoràk

February 1, 2019           Salem String Quartet

Caius and Sigrun Oprea, Brandon Correa, and Katherine Parks

March 1, 2019               Ensemble Aalto

Aage Nielsen, historical and modern double reed instruments;

Christopher Wicks, keyboards

April 5, 2019                 “Love Is Strong as Death”

Unstaged performance of opera composed by Christopher Wicks.

Singers: Alison Seeber, Aimée Amend, Bennett Bailey; Wicks at the piano.

May 3, 2019                  Sara Truelove, Clarinet

Music by Saint-Saëns, Donizetti, and Wicks

June 7, 2019                 John Collison

Pianist and director of music at SUMC, with colleagues

July 5, 2019                  The Indomitable String Quartet, music by C. Wicks

Violinists Stephanie Barth and Michelle Reed; violist and cellist TBA

August 2, 2019             Trio Demika

Michael Lemmers, violin; Kathy Scopacasa, cello; Debra Huddleston, piano

September 6, 2019        Stephanie Barth, violin

Music by Mozart and Dvorak

October 4, 2019            “I Know that God Is Good:  St. Theresa of Lisieux.”

A chamber oratorio, composed by C. Wicks, with Alison Seeber, soprano,

and Ellen Yager, narrator

November 1, 2019         Mitch Iimori, oboist,

to premiere a new sonata and to play other works

December 6, 2019         Follow Santa to Silverton UMC!

(part of the City of Silverton Tree Lighting in Town Square Park) a family-friendly event to welcome the Christmas season, with a musical component


All performances begin at 7:00 pm at Silverton United Methodist Church

Donations are accepted but not required.

Servers for January

Assistant Minister = Norman English, Altar Guild = Margaret English, Usher = Neville Johansen