Pastor’s Message:

Dear Friends,

Since joining you as your pastor, I have been praying over three very important questions:

  1. How can our vision statements become a reality for the lives of the people of Silverton (SUMC’s vision is “Answering God’s call, growing in faith, and spreading God’s love” and TLC’s vision is “Sharing the love of Christ”)?
  2. How can what I say from the pulpit help inspire this vision?
  3. What ways can we work together as two congregations who still very much see ourselves as separate rather than partners in ministry?

Last week I had the privilege of attending the Byberg Preaching Workshop. It was a fabulous event, and the lead speaker was Rev. Dr. Barbara Lundblad, the Joe R. Engle Professor of Preaching Emerita at Union Theological Seminary in New York City. She was inspiring and talked about how pastors can really inspire the vision of grace and unconditional love from the pulpit – and help folks know that faith isn’t static. Jesus teaches us how to be in relationship with others and with God. Why do people need Christ? Because Jesus teaches us to celebrate God’s love and grace by mending the world’s brokenness. We all are the hands and feet of Jesus Christ for our hurting world. The work of the church helps us accomplish far more together than we ever could individually.

Think of all the things that both our churches accomplish already! Worship, Saturday Lunches, Snack packs for SACA, Sarah Circle, Quilts that have been sent throughout the world, and relief money through Lutheran World Relief and United Methodist Committee on Relief when disasters strike!

But I also wonder, if we put our efforts together, if we combined our efforts, how much more we would be able to accomplish? I invite you to email me or put in my box at church some answers to these questions:

  1. To whom does our church belong?
  2. Why do people need this particular church?
  3. How can we live out our mission statement?
  4. In what ways can we partner as a SUMC/TLC “Silverton Parish”?

See you in worship!




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OREGON SYNOD’S PHASE II  – More information!

February Bible Study – Making a….Lutheran! February 6, 13, & 20th, 6pm simple soup dinner with study to follow! All are welcome! 

Servers for this month – 

Assistant Minister – Jill Lounsbury

Altar Guild – Jill Lounsbury

Usher – Nev Johansen

Highlights from the Annual Report

Pastor’s Report

A few months ago, I asked folks at our Council Retreat to name Bible stories or characters who were important to them and we pulled the words out from the familiar stories and used them as a part of our own congregations story. Words like “wonder, awe, stubborn, love, generous, faithful, and creative” came up in our conversation. Stories matter. We each have stories, our congregation has stories, and we also have God’s story in scripture. When we are able to take all our various stories and center them in and interpret them through our biblical story, God often enters our lives and the lives of our congregation and community in the most surprising ways.

This last six months has been mostly learning the stories of the two congregations, learning about the stories of the community of Silverton, how the ELCA church and UMC church desire to partner together, and conveying those stories to each of the churches.

I see this next year as a year of implementing new ideas, adding to the story lines, that can foster the freedom and growth for each congregation to grow and be effective community partners. In addition to the UMC partnership, two community partnerships: one with Silverton Friends of Music and with Silverton Sheltering Services have the potential to strengthen existing ministry and foster new growth within the congregation.

As I write my first Annual Pastor’s report for Trinity Lutheran (I pray, with God’s grace, one of MANY!), with eyes toward a bright future, I am reminded of Ephesians 1:15-16: “I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love toward all the saints, and for this reason I do not cease to give thanks for you as I remember you in my prayers.” (Ephesians 1:15-16) Thank you for your warm welcome as you not only welcomed me, but Marshall, Eliana, and Caleb into the life of this congregation. From the yummy meals, to the blankets for the kids, and the endless words of encouragement and support as we navigated our new community – Thank you for your generosity and hospitality!

Thank you to the leaders here in this faith community. You are all so very important in the ministry of our congregation! The council has served you well in these last several years of transition and have set you on a new path toward a vital vision! Our paid staff – particularly Jill and Lorretta have been instrumental in helping me look like I know what I am doing – a United Methodist in a Lutheran Land. The altar guild who magically make the elements appear on Sunday morning while I am at the UMC are a gift! The Sunday School teachers are amazing at adapting their curriculum for whatever children show up on Sunday morning! I am appreciative of my colleagues – Pastor Paul and Pastor Wally who served you well during your interim time and prepared you for my arrival in terrific ways. I am eternally grateful for their care and attention to details.

Thank you for your faithfulness, flexibility and response to God’s generous invitation to lives of grace and love. Your faith in God and commitment to our life together helps make Trinity a vibrant congregation. It is a daily privilege to serve as your pastor.

Rev. Laura A. Beville, Pastor

Presidents Report, 2018

I would like to thank again the members of the Council for their time and effort during the past year.  Our discussions have been open, thoughtful, not always unanimous, but always with the success of Trinity in the forefront.  If Pastors Paul and Wally should happen to read this, their assistance and leadership was truly a blessing.

The year started with a congregational decision to join with Silverton United Methodist Church in the sharing of a full time pastor, 50 – 50 at each congregation.  Trinity also took the first step in agreeing that the new pastor would be a Methodist.  Following that, the process of appointment of a pastor became the task of the Methodist Conference.  Since the Methodist system normally appoints a pastor to begin serving in July, this approach provided a pastor for Trinity right away rather than going through a lengthy process to call a Lutheran pastor.   We are blessed to have pastor Laura Beville and her family join us from Coos Bay.

A significant part of obtaining a new pastor was the congregational decision to obtain funds from the Endowment Fund in order to provide financing for at least four years.  It will be part of the Council’s job in the next year to monitor our financial position in this regard.

A grant ($1000.00) was obtained to help with the Saturday lunch program, and this program continues to serve approximately 75 patrons every week.

The church building is now being used as a practice facility for a Silverton youth choir, and their first concert was in the sanctuary in December.  The choir is split into two parts, grades 1-4 and grades 5-8.  There are about sixty children involved. 

Trinity continues to be an inviting place of fellowship, worship and prayer.  It is a task for all of us to maintain that.

Ray Kaser, President.


of Trinity Lutheran Church, Silverton, OR

With much gratitude, Trinity Lutheran Church of Silverton, received a grant of $1,000.00 from the Oregon Synod for the year of 2018.

The Grant helped to supplement the Free lunches at the Saturday Lunch event held each Saturday from 12:00 to 1:30pm serving an average of 60-70 meals weekly. The Outreach touches the homeless; low income families; the senior citizens on low income and it creates a time for fellowship within the community of Silverton.  Contacts for employment and the awareness for caring of each other within necessary daily living have been made.

The Saturday Lunch program has been supported by many individuals from the community in the capacity of helping to prepare; cook; set up; serving the meal; busing and the necessary clean up.  Many in attendance that received the meal have offered help as sweeping the floor afterwards and washing dishes. The members of Trinity have been blessed by their willingness to help serve.

Members of the community, especially during the summer when food is fresh, have offered and provided their abundance for the meals. 

Since the Saturday Lunch program is ongoing, it has made the community aware of Trinity within the community of Silverton.  We have been asked to be members of the Silverton Sheltering Service that addresses the needs of our homeless community as we have a part of that service.

Trinity’s kitchen is inspected by the county and we have received a 100% rating.  Our kitchen has also been used to prepare sack lunches on Thursdays that are taken out to some of the Homeless Camps in the Silverton area.

The Saturday Lunch outreach has opened the way for the members of Trinity to “Sharing the Love of Christ”.

Trinity Lutheran Church

500 N. Second St.

Silverton, OR 97381


Respectfully presented,

by Loretta Kaser

Quilter’s Report for 2018

            With a small group of ladies, we made and gave 102 large quilts and 20 Baby quilts to the following Organizations and people:

Lutheran World Relief


Union Gospel Mission

Outside In at Portland

St. Benedicts at Mt. Angel

Various needy people that were brought to our attention

            The following are the group who meet each Wednesday with only the Holiday’s off and Children’s Bible School. The quilt tops are made by our quilters at home. Janice Culp makes most of the quilt tops, others also make some. Lucille Hatteberg, Betty Lam, Nancy Ohren, Nelda Maisel, Janice Culp, Genelia Thurman and Barbara Johnson.

            Most of our fabric for the quilts is donated by many people. We purchase sheets for the backs and buy the Batting from a whole-sale place business in Portland. We finance these things by selling some quilts. This year we didn’t sell many, but they are nice quilts and a good price at $50.00 for large ones and $25.00 for baby ones. They make nice gifts.

            Our bank balance is $780.55, and we will soon have to buy more Batting, our most expensive purchase.

Betty Lam, Treasurer Trinity Women’s Group

The Annual Report is available in its entirety at the church office.