Pastor’s Message:

Dear Friends,

Last month I talked about how I believed that 100% of my job is reminding people that God loves them and that nothing separates them from the love of God in Jesus Christ.  We can always find the sinful nature of humanity separating us from God and each other. We don’t have to look very far – the visceral words and actions of hate, unkindness, and in-hospitality surround us daily – in our world, our country, on the news we watch, in our state politics, and yes, even in our city social media pages.

I also want you to know that we don’t have to look very far to find ways that we partner in abundance and generosity with God for living out the kin-dom of God right here and right now. We don’t have to look very far to know how we are changing lives for the sake of Jesus Christ in the community of Silverton. The garden at SUMC—that started out as a small micro-grant has multiplied God’s blessings in our community by providing fresh produce of cucumbers, tomatoes, and green beans at local community meals. The Saturday meal at TLC has been topping their numbers lately with upwards of 85-90 guests weekly! Recently a person who packs the SACA (Silverton Area Community Aid) snack sacks said to me that they have so many people helping pack snack sacks this summer that their work is done in minutes and that they are starting to enjoy fellowshipping with each other! We are discerning best use of our church spaces as we partner with city organizations, Farmers Markets, schools, and children and youth organizations. We have launched a new worship experience this summer—Summer Supper Church—and we have had people come who have needed to re-connect with each other mid-week (we still have 2 more—join us!).

Soon, we will be back-at-it with our Fall activities. Our overarching theme for this year together (2019-2020) is “Who is my Neighbor?” where we will be as a congregation asking the age-old question that was asked of Jesus himself! We will answer it with opportunities to serve our partner community organizations like ASAP (After School Activities Program) mentors, tutors, or cooks, volunteer at SACA, and our own programs like pack Snack Sacks for SACA at the UMC or help with Saturday Meals at TLC. We will have opportunities to expand our faith and our Bible knowledge with TWO DIFFERENT Bible Studies this Fall (see the announcement later in the newsletter)!

We ARE God’s people engaged in doing God’s work! Our bounty, our generosity occurs when we are mindful of our most vital partner on the journey: God.

~Pastor Laura

Join us for our Final 2 August Summer Supper Church worship services – August 8 & August 22 from 6-8 at the UMC Parsonage (the yellow house next to the UMC on Main Street)! Summer Supper Church is a table-based dinner church gathering (at the UMC Parsonage) and a new way of being church in Silverton in our neighborhood.

Summer Supper Church includes DINNER! Dessert, drinks, and main dish will be provided. Please let us know if you have any allergies. Children are ALWAYS welcome, and there will be toys and activities available for children throughout the evening! Please RSVP on Facebook or with Pastor Laura so she knows how many to plan for! (August 8 we will be having Tacos!)

Goodbyes are hard…..

Please join us on Sunday, August 18th when we will 

spend our coffee hour saying “GoodBye and God Bless You” to Cheryl Ervin and her girls, as they begin a new journey in Texas! They will be missed and we want them to know that they are loved!









Saturday Lunch Report 

We are starting another year as an outreach of the Saturday Lunches at Trinity

The average number of those fed at each Saturday lunch is now, about 80.  

It is a diversified group, homeless, elderly, those in need and those who come to socialize for fellowship.

Summer is a special time for fresh produce.  Gifts have come from various sources and the freezer has been stocked with:

  1. about 60 pounds of blueberries in about 30 two lb. Ziplock bags
  2. Broccoli in 8 bags about 5 pounds each
  3. Crate of Frozen strawberries
  4. About 32 quarts of pie cherries
  5. Kris Mitchell has been sending cabbage, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and spices including thyme, oregano, garlic and chives from her Organic Garden.  
  6. SUMC church has been bringing about 12 large English cucumbers each week. 
  7. SUMC church brought about one dozen tomatoes last week and will continue that amount from now on until the season ends. 

The cucumbers and tomatoes with Kris’s salad makings, have made some creative fresh salads.  The blueberries, strawberries and cherries are used for desserts and colorful fruit salads.

Then, the “Cookie Lady”, Sonia Kleiner brings cookies almost every week that are greatly appreciated.  But sometimes they are tested by Gary and Ray, just to make sure they meet the standard!

There are about 12 helpers from the community at different times helping to prep and set up; serve and clean up each week.  I could name them all, but I may forget someone.  If you would like to help out occasionally just call Loretta Kaser at 503-873-8106.

We have applied for a 3 year grant of $23,500.00 from the ELCA for financial help which will also include 2 new stoves.  It will be dispersed equally over the 3 years. The Saturday meal’s costs include the necessary items need for supplies, water, utilities etc.  We will know in November if we were awarded the grant. I am asking for your prayers that we do.

Thank you to all who help in supporting this outreach by your gifts of time, talents, offerings and the most of all prayer support.     

Looking ahead to September:

… September 8 – “God’s Work, Our Hands Sunday” – An opportunity for us to adventure out into our community and be the hands and feet of Jesus! Stay tuned for a fun, surprising “worship” experience out in the community!

(Service projects during BOTH SUMC 9:30 a.m. AND TLC 11:15 worship hours!)

… NEW: “Lunch Bag” Bible Study —September 17 @ SUMC at 12:00 pm

(Tuesday’s at noon, bring your own sack lunch): “God Talk With Pastor Laura” Study the previous week’s lectionary text with Pastor Laura and ask any Questions you might have about theology!

Wednesday Soup Bible Study—September 18 @ TLC at 6:00 pm

(Wednesday’s at 6 pm, includes a soup supper“Hungering for Justice: Luther, Wesley, and the Economy”

Don’t Forget!

When you are out and about traveling this summer, don’t forget your church pledge! We rely on you for all the ministry that happens!! Every pledge matters and every pledge counts. You can mail your pledge or schedule a payment through your bank online.



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8/21Roger Alrick
8/22Tomina Wolff
8/27Joey Graetzer


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