Pastor’s Message:


In my cupboard – in my corner hutch – are dishes I never use. Perhaps you can relate. It wasn’t always that way. I used to use them – before kids – I would bring them out ever week to use them and remind myself of my grandparents. I am the oldest female grandchild on both sides of my family so I have both grandma’s dishes. But now they stare at me from inside the hutch reminding me of the fragility of life.

What would be the consequence of using them? Breaking them? Why do I save them only for special occasions? And what in my life is REALLY irreplaceable? My children, my relationship with my husband most certainly to name a few. And THOSE relationships are deserving of a celebration of gigantic proportions on the best china in the world! I KNOW this in my heart of hearts. Then why do I always reach for the plastic, non breakable plates?

The church was born on the damaged consciences and rotten reputations of tax collectors, sinners and people in need. The church will always be criticized when it challenges the world on these issues. We will always be told that the barriers are there for a reason, that the rules are there to keep order, and that if we can keep to ourselves – in our separate houses and neighborhoods, we will all be better off. The myth is we should keep all sinners at their own table (with the plastic dishes, of course) – away from “us”. And of course, this is wrong, and profoundly self-deceiving. Because there are sinners among us all.

Friends, God sets a divine table for you and me and for the rest of God’s beloved children – prodigal, irresponsible, precious, and irreplaceable. God sets before us a banquet table where all are extravagantly welcome – where there is no jockeying for positions, no resentments, no competitions, or score-keeping. Its all meaningless because we can never earn our place at the abundant table, but rather we arrive only through God’s extravagant grace.

Live in Grace This Month,

Pastor Laura

Happening at SUMC!

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Happening in Silverton!

7/30 – Concerts in Old Mill Park – July 30, 6:30 pm – Silverton Friends of Music Big Band – Mark your calendar for the final concert at 6:30 pm in Old Mill Park (behind Silver Falls Library): August 13 – Marion County Citizens Band. Bring a chair and a picnic supper, if you choose, and enjoy these concerts.
Sponsored by Silverton Friends of Music

8/2 – Movies in the Garden – Join us for Movies in the Garden presented by Willamette Valley Pie Company every Thursday, July 12 – August 30!
Doors will open at 7 pm, and the show will begin at dusk on the beautiful Garden Green, in the heart of The Oregon Garden. It’s also a great opportunity to catch a sunset in the Garden! Parking will be available in the lower parking lot, across from the Pavilion. Please, no outside food or drink.

August 2: Top Gun (PG)
August 9: Pitch Perfect (PG-13)
August 16: ET (PG)
August 23: Karate Kid (PG)
August 30: Ice Age (PG)

Adults: $4, Teens 12 – 17: $3, Children 5-11: $2, Members: $2, Children 4 and under Free Well-behaved pets on a leash are also welcome.

There will be food, candy, popcorn and beverages (beer, wine, soda and water) available for purchase. No outside food or drink will be allowed.

8/3 – Homer Davenport Days Community Festival – Silverton’s home-town festival features arts, crafts, food, music, a car show, parade (starts at 10 am Saturday), the Homer Classic Fun Run & Davenport Races (Sunday 11 am – 3 pm on Main Street downtown). Silverton’s own Ben Rue entertains in the park at 7 pm Saturday courtesy of Legacy Health and Roth’s Fresh Markets. For more information call 503-873-5615.

8/3 – First Friday

8/4 – Saturday Market – 9-1pm at Towne Square Park!

8/31 –  Celebrate Families Community Picnic – Free picnic dinner served by Silverton Kiwanis, hosted by Silverton Senior Center and Silverton Together. Music, games, free open swim at the pool. 5-8 pm in Coolidge McClaine Park. 

From Living Lutheran…

Reading Scripture with questions engaged

An interview with author Rachel Held Evans

Growing up as an evangelical Christian in the Bible Belt, Rachel Held Evans used to love reading the Bible. But as her faith changed, she grew weary of the black-and-white interpretation of her youth. As an adult, she joined the Episcopal Church and began to consider other ways to read Scripture. Her new book, Inspired: Slaying Giants, Walking on Water, and Loving the Bible Again (Thomas Nelson, 2018), is a memoir mixed with scholarship and literary analysis, including reimagining parts of the Bible as short stories, poetry and even a “Choose Your Own Adventure” story.  Read more….

Birthdays in August!

8/1 – Norm English            8/2 – Sarah Weitzman             8/6 – Elliana Petersen           8/14 – Merry Moll           8/16 – Roger Alrick         

8/21 – Lonna Boucher            8/22 – Tomina Wolff          8/27 – Alyssa Douthit

Servers for August!

Assistant Minister – Ray Kaser, Altar Guild – Lucille Hatteberg, Ushers – Gary Ohren


Council has been moved to the 2nd Sunday of each month, immediately after coffee hour! Anyone is welcome to attend at anytime!  🙂 

Jill’s office is now located at the front of the church. She is thankful for the extra space and the new view! 🙂 

Starting this month we have new renters in the Parsonage! We are happy that they will be in the house! The Martin Family is Jennifer and Kenny, and their two daughters Emily and Ellie, and their two small dogs!

Our next Used Treasure Sale is scheduled now for November 16th and 17th, 9am to 4pm. Set up will be on Thursday November 15th! You can start bringing your treasures to the church on September 1st!

Lutheran Funnies!

 Ole bought Lena a piano for her birthday. A few weeks later, Lars inquired how she was doing with it. “Oh, ” said Ole, “I persuaded her to svitch to a clarinet.” “How come?” asked Lars. “Vell, ” Ole answered, “because vith a clarinet, she can’t sing.”

Ole and Lena went to a fair. Ole was fascinated by the airplanes and asked a pilot how much a ride would cost. “$10 for 3 minutes, ” replied the pilot. “That’s too much, ” said Ole. The pilot thought for a second and then said, “I’ll make you a deal. If you and your wife ride for 3 minutes without uttering a sound, the ride will be free. But if you make a sound, you’ll have to pay $10.” Ole and Lena agreed and went for a wild ride. After they landed, the pilot said to Ole, “I want to congratulate you for not making a sound. You are a brave man.” “Maybe so, ” said Ole, “but I gotta tell ya, I almost screamed when my wife fell out.”